We’re already looking ahead to next year, so if you’re a freelancer in the south (including Wales), please fillin this google form:

Our minimum hourly rate is £15/hr for new people who don’t have their own kit. We expect you to charge the same for travel time (plus 45p/mile) as for survey work – time you’re traveling for us is time you can’t work for anyone else. General maximum for things like bat surveys is £35/hr for experienced licenced people with their own kit, but if you have a particular specialism (like a hard to obtain licence, or specialist experience) that means your rates are higher, we’d still like to hear from you! We just probably won’t be calling on you to stare at the side of a low potential building very often.

Likewise, if you’re London or that vicinity, we appreciate your rates will be higher, so feel free to send us a CV etc as well.

Generally our work takes us all over the south of England, up to roughly Oxford, south Wales, but the bulk of it is in the Bristol area.

We usually pay invoices same day (if we’re in the office!), but we aim for the same week (we say our terms are 30 days but that’s only in case of us missing an email).
We have a great group of loyal freelancers we use, but we had a few bigger jobs this year, so we’re looking to expand the database. If you’re a student with zero experience, we are happy to train you (and pay you for training time!), which we did with a couple of people this summer.

Any questions, email: