Are you a professional working in the construction industry, confused about when you need an ecologist, or what the laws relating to wildlife are, or even just wanting to know more about how you can incorporate biodiversity benefits into your development without costing the client a fortune?

IES Consulting can help. Over the years, we have worked on everything from a single house extension to multi-million pound new town developments. We have seen greenfield sites and urban concrete jungles, and we have shown compliance with current legislation on them all.

For a tailor-made approach to CPD, which fits your company, your budget and your training requirements, please contact us. This is ideal for planning consultants, architects, developers, construction site managers – anyone who may have an impact on the environment during the course of a development.

Areas we can cover include:

  • When do I need an ecologist – and how do I choose one?
  • At what stage of the project should I involve an ecologist?
  • What type of survey do I need – and why?
  • The timing issue – survey seasonality and how it affects your programme.
  • Wildlife law – your responsibilities.
  • Appropriate Assessment – negotiating the minefield.
  • What is a protected species, and why should I care?
  • Protected species and licencing – what you should know.
  • Incorporating biodiversity into developments – complying with policy and saving money.
  • And anything else to do with ecology which you have always been confused about – but never had anyone to ask!