Protected Species

Protected species surveys

We can provide help and advice relating to all protected and otherwise important species and groups, including:

  • Badgers;
  • Reptiles;
  • Water voles;
  • Dormice;
  • Otter;
  • Bats;
  • Great crested newts;
  • Breeding birds;
  • Invertebrates; and
  • White-clawed crayfish.

Surveys are often seasonally constrained, and many species require derogation licences to be applied for and granted before works which may affect them can legally proceed. This can be a lengthy process often requiring several months of survey and negotiation with the statutory bodies.

By involving an ecologist right at the start of your scheme, delays can be minimised and ecology can become an integral part of the scheme design and programme of works. This means compliance with national policy, the law and any environmental benchmarking assessments is easier to achieve.

Vilas is a registered ecologist on the Bat Mitigation Class Licence scheme, which can significantly reduce the time it takes to obtain a bat licence for suitable projects.

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