Winter is Coming

As the survey season draws to a close, we turn our attention to all the things we need to get done over the winter so we’re ready for the 2018 survey season. Of course, there’s all the reports to get finished, and now is the ideal time to start drafting licence applications so they’re ready to submit for next year.

We also try and do an annual kit inventory and tidy of the ecology kit store, so we can see just how many reptile tins went missing this year, and replace any broken or worn items. There’s usually a fun day spent making newt traps, and labeling kit which goes in the field so we can identify our stuff when things are being thrown in the boot of a car at 2am.

Winter is also the time to catch up on the admin tasks which have slipped slightly over the summer, hence this lovely new website! Many thanks to the ever-patient Hilary at Manners Media for gently cajoling us into finishing off the new site.